Know MobIN

Mobile Intake solution allows capturing adverse event details on a handy device such as a cell phone or a tab and sends information directly to the safety database. A very powerful tool in the hands of medical/ sales representatives.


  • Multilingual UI – Catering to capturing of events both in English and in local language.
  • Secure and encrypted – Can be deployed in a company device, not available to general public.
  • Familiar data entry interface – Data capture format is organized under standard sections.
  • Personalized settings – Reporter only sees the reports submitted by the reporter.
  • Initial/ Follow-up – Track all submitted cases and create direct follow-up at source.
  • Validations and connected system drop-downs
  • Finger sensitive form entry


  • Simple and Sturdy – built for easy data entry – add patient experience on the go.
  • Secure handling of payload – within company secure network.
  • Adapt to existing user security.
  • High quality data capture due to validations, dropdowns and post-save checks.

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