Stay Ahead on Global Regulations Compliance
Modular Architecture with Incremental Change Management
Functional Accelerators - Tap Efficiencies at Every Process
Empowering Medical Review & Assessment with knowledge and data
Simplified Expedited and Aggregate Report Submission Management
Comprehensive Oversight on management of the entire PV Lifecycle

Know HiLIT

An integrated technology platform for collecting, organizing, integrating, mining and distributing knowledge from healthcare, clinical and pharmacovigilance sources, in order to optimize  and enable business processes for the following departments:

  • PV Department to fully automate its case intake process for marketing (PSP) programs, clinical trials, EvWEB and EVDAS redirecting staff expertise to where it matters most for the patients.
  • PV Operations to resubmit expedited reports automatically that were missed due to data migration challenges, or configuration misalignment, dedicating the staff to more important tasks.
  • PV Management to automatically monitor the effectiveness of their vendors in real-time and control outsourcing budget consumption.
  • Clinical Operations to harness patient experience data, adding Knowledge Management to Clinical Data Management, while still processing clinical trials data and producing evaluated SDTM Datasets.
  • Clinical Development teams to leverage Real World Evidence data for projecting patient populations against upcoming protocols to evaluate the pace of patient recruitment and measure the effectiveness of patient adherence.

Services Overview


  • Integrated Analytics Platform for Healthcare and Life Sciences organizations which gives a competitive edge through analytical insight and information collaboration
  • Unified Data Repository as core of this platform using which all tools and services can build on
  • Connected Data Integration, Performance Management, Analytics and Business Intelligence Tools in a single package
  • Comprehensive solution for delivering Business Intelligence from multiple fronts allowing for interoperability
  • Capable of managing the Volume, Velocity and Variety of Healthcare and Life Sciences data where data from different types and protocols can be ingested
  • Affordable Cloud-based Platform with Reduced Deployment Time, Data Security, Compliance, Automation, and Expansion.

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