Know CaMIT

Mailbox Management Solution provides a comprehensive and audit ready solution to capture case-related information from emails including identification of follow-ups for documentation into an ICSR.


  • Centralized Mailbox – All mails converge on the centralized PV mailbox.
  • Confluence of mailbox – Bringing multiple mailboxes into one view.
  • Categorize emails as necessary, safety related, follow-up receipt etc.
  • AI enabled auto-categorization based on email content read by ML algorithms.
  • Response template – Predefined templates for standard responses.
  • Acknowledgement – Automatic and Manual acknowledgement with custom receipt confirmations.
  • View all communication in a single trail.


  • PV organizations are more efficient with CaMIT.
  • No scope for manual errors as E-mails are processed efficiently through tool.
  • Reduce compliance risk as mails are not missed.
  • Allows clear traceability of emails related actions, decisions and better audit readiness.
  • Traceability, Machine Assisted, Centralized makes CaMIT time and cost effective.

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