Know ConfigManager

ConfigManager is a web based tool to effectively manage the Argus configuration. The solution allows offline review and update of configuration in Argus. ConfigManager allows user to perform inserts and updates to existing configuration for both PLS (Product, License and Studies) and code list.

The solution has built in access control for enhanced security and built in exception handling and data validation.

In addition to configuration, the ConfigManager also allows managing the active moiety requirements in Argus. ConfigManager supports all Argus 7.x and 8.x versions and support Japanese fields update.


  • Interactive Web GUI based tool with built in access control for enhanced security
  • Upload/addition/update of Code list and PLSR data
  • Update of existing PLSR data based on business key concept
  • Allows update of Japan specific fields
  • In built exception handling and data validation
  • All Argus validations and rules built in to avoid loading of incorrect dataset
  • Generation of Codelist and PLSR configuration data from Argus
  • Offline review and update of configuration data in excel
  • Manage license linking updates (to meet Active Moiety requirements)
  • Automatic license link generation and upload as per organization’s active moiety requirements
  • All J fields available in Codelist and PLSR supported

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