ALAT-Assisted Literature Acquisition and Triage is a solution used for literature curation and review of published medical literature from various data sources.

The ALAT system relies upon a robust machine learning AI system to extract key safety information like Product, Event, Patient Details, and Indications from the literature articles besides extracting other details.

The ALAT system is also integrated with the HiLIT platform’s case intake module to ease the workflow of reporting safety information to safety databases and regulatory reporting.


Literature Search and Review

  • Easy composable search strategy (Manual/Scheduled search ) on various data sources PubMed, EMBASE, Medline, etc.
  • Assistive screening and scoring of literature articles

Intelligent Automation

  • AI/ML-based efficient extraction of key elements (product, event, indication patient, reporter, and COI)
  • AI/ML-based classification of valid/invalid ICSRs
  • AI/ML-based validity and safety scoring for literature articles for faster reporting

Simplified Workflow

  • Configurable workflows for maximum precision of the process
  • Automated literature assignment to the right user roles
  • Productivity gains and faster reporting with artificial intelligence assistance
  • Send email communications from the system with attachments (e.g., assessment reports, generated E2b files)
  • Request for full-text and translation of literature abstracts via an in-built email system

Intuitive UI

  • Open-source solution
  • Intelligent GUI for easy click and save of literature data
  • Web service for quick integration to all systems
  • Proactive alert system for timely intervention
  • Configurable dashboards for metrics tracking


  • 21CFR art11 and GDPR Compliant data
  • Audit ready activity tracking for the changes made by the user and the system

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