Know CaPEI

Experience an automated, versatile and all in one solution that streamlines Case Intake and saves your organization time and effort.

Vitrana CaPEI has enabled our customers to significantly improve efficiencies in time and cost using our state-of-the-art flexible web forms and automation of data extraction and translation capabilities. CaPEI as an intake solution offers an optimized experience using our key features like configurable worklists, flexible web-forms, embedded dashboards, flexible duplicate search, powerful qualification of AEs, multi-lingual while ensuring highest privacy, security, and quality.

Currently the solution is being used in 5 continents by more than 6500 users that have submitted over 100K entries.


  • Multi-lingual Design supporting multi languages with auto-translation and translation review window.
  • Multi-tenant design supporting multi tenants in the same application instance.
  • Dynamic and user-friendly interface considering user experience for HCP, Sales Reps, Affiliates, Call Centers, etc. with Intuitive UI.
  • Configurable Dynamic Web Forms for flexible designing of forms as per organization’s requirements.
  • Configurable Workflow with or without manual intervention steps.
  • Configurable Alerts for effective case prioritization.
  • Intake Quality and Compliance via soft / hard validations, data security restrictions and audit logs.
  • Duplicate search and follow-up.
  • Integration with Safety system.
  • Configurable Dashboards that tracks inbound/outbound compliance, productivity, and workload metrics.


We have been using an Vitrana’s intake solution CaPEI for couple of years, and it has significantly transformed the way we work. The solution has made our entire process more efficient, accurate and streamlined, which has resulted in a more effective approach to managing drug safety.

We also appreciate the ability to customize the intake solution to meet our unique needs, including setting up specific workflows for our internal teams to manage different types of reports. This has made it easier for our teams to work together and collaborate on identifying adverse events, assessing their severity, and taking appropriate action.

Overall, the intake solution has been a game-changer for our pharmacovigilance processes. We have been able to reduce the time and effort it takes to identify, manage, and report adverse events by upto 40%, which has allowed us to focus on other areas of our work. I highly recommend CaPEI to any organization looking for an intake solution to improve their drug safety processes.

Director, Global Drug Safety Systems
Biopharmaceutical company focused on rare disorders

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