Deep Learning



Deep Learning is a branch of AI which deals with abstracting feature engineering from the user and is used where more automated adaptive learning is need. It allows a computational model to infer meaning from fed information, often speech, images or text. It is basically a set of permutations of Neural Networks and their hidden layer composition.


A lot of companies use algorithms and pattern recognition in their products and services. The automation of the machine learning process coupled with access to the amount of data generated and understanding complex data sets is where deep learning is valued the most. For example, searching via speech or text is one such fabulous use cases. In the future, deep learning could make possible instant translation in real time bringing the entire world closer.

Our Services

Services that we deliver around deep learning are:

  • Image Processing
  • Audio Analysis
  • Conversation Analytics
  • Information Retrieval
  • Semantic Entity Relationships
  • Chat-bots for factoid answering

Implementation Use Case

We implemented a use case in Text Analytics where we were required to build a chat bot for a particular drug targeted at Rheumatoid Arthritis. The idea was to enable user interaction with a virtual assistant where he would be able to ask questions like what is the best way for me to travel with the drug given my age ?

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