Know DeMystifier

DeMystifier is an innovative AI-based automation product to unlock safety/clinical data stored in semi-structured/unstructured format and derive meaning out of it. It employs state-of-art Machine Learning and NLP algorithms to intelligently read/extract/harmonize text out of semi-structured data such as CIOMS/MEDWATCH PDF reports and unstructured data such as narratives, clinical notes and emails. It provides Out-of-the-box integration services with safety systems like Argus, achieving true case-intake automation.


  • Automatic extraction/mapping of Case Data from semi-structured formats like CIOMS/MEDWATCH and Custom Forms
  • Automatic detection/extraction of Adverse Events / Drugs / Indications inside unstructured data such as narratives, clinical notes and emails
  • Automatic Assessment of the relationship between a drug treatment and occurrence of an adverse event for better evaluation of the risk-benefits profiles of medicines and better Quality/Medical review
  • Automatic determination of temporal information regarding drug administration to a patient and the adverse reactions experienced over a period of time
  • Templatizing unstructured documents and data movement

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