Know CrystalBall

CrystalBall is an Intelligent Query language tool to get answers from your data. Users can pose questions in native Language like English such as “Show me the total sales in North America Region”. Under the covers, CrystalBall implements cutting-edge Natural language processing algorithms to parse and understand queries. Features include Automatic Graph generation, Conversation Analytics and prebuilt queries for fast data Retrieval.


  • Cutting-Edge NLP implementation to get answers from Data
  • Write query in Simple English and not custom SQL
  • Auto graph and UI generation
  • Prebuilt queries for quick data retrieval
  • Auto Summarization of Documents using State of the art ML Libraries
  • Speech to Text Recognition
  • Audio Analytics – Classification of Audio files using data in the native format.
  • Semantic Search using Restricted Boltzmann Machine
  • Adverse Events Prediction using Dosage patterns
  • Chatbots for Service ticket auto solution
  • Conversation Analytics
  • Image Processing

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