About Us


Our Vision

Until such time we empower humanity with the fundamental right of "Affordable Health for All", we shall strive for constant path breaking innovation.

Our Mission

Develop an integrated Healthcare and Life Sciences IT platform, innovative & path-breaking products and applications, cloud, integration, automation & optimization services

Who we are

  • The Malagasy word "Vitrana" means Seam in a cloth", a metaphor that inspire our vision to break the silos of PV, Healthcare and Clinical domain to drive the major advances in the quality, efficiency and cost of clinical research & development and patient care, leveraging key technology innovations
  • We are Nerds who are passionate about our craft enabling right to healthy life through componentized scalable platform of innovative products and applications servicing most complex business problems enabling integration & collaboration, secure & insightful data sharing, automation & optimization
  • We sculpt positive impact through scalable & continuous innovation, consultative client partnerships and the transformational software products & services we co-create
  • We constantly hone our skills with evolutionary and evolving technologies to make meaningful customer engagements and digital experiences
  • Through an agile and collaborative process we craft all pieces of the experience and help our clients orchestrate the complete digital transformation journey
  • We help our clients rethink their business process via navigating the ever changing business & technology landscape and align their organization around what truly matters to their end customers
  • We collaborate with clients to help them visualize and plan how their vision can materialize through our game changing products and services
  • Our work span through the complete innovation process from customer insight and opportunity mapping to technical feasibility and prototyping and the final implementation

What sets us apart

  • Constantly Push Boundaries

    Innovation-driven and continuously challenge the status quo to bring path breaking outcomes enabling right to healthy life.
  • Technology as Catalyst

    Harness technology to pre-empt complexity and magnanimity of patient outcomes and trigger innovation that delivers affordable health for all.
  • Radical Collaboration

    Collaborative Innovation is the foundation of every path breaking outcome where we engage our employees, clients, vendors, academia and regulatory agencies.
  • Pragmatic & Agile Problem Solving

    We work in nimble teams, with lean & agile processes, where every activity and deliverable has a clear purpose.
  • Run Rabbits

    We are passionate and obsessive about time to market. We engineer before other plan.
  • Empowering Customer

    Flexibility of engagement models : Pay-per-use, Pay-per-service and Pay-for-outcome.

Our Customers

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