Cloud Migration



Vitrana approach to Cloud Migration is guided by a comprehensive 9 stage program.

  • Landscape Scan
  • Model Selection
  • Hosting Partner Selection
  • Application Evaluation Criteria
  • Application Migration Strategy
  • Pilot Migration
  • Landscape Migration Plan
  • Migration Execution and Monitoring
  • Post Migration Stabilization and Steady State


Key Considerations

The key consideration of Cloud Migration Design includes

  • Security Considerations
  • Compliance and Regulatory Considerations like PCI, HFMA, HIPAA, HiMSS, EHNAC, GAAP, SOX, ICD, and IFRS, HITECH, ICD-10, SOX, Patriot Act
  • Business Continuity Consideration

Vitrana’s Cloud Migration Strategy is designed to minimize risk and application downtime. The end results encapsulate portfolio rationalization and re-architecture benefits improving application maintainability and end user experience.