TransformPV™ Implementation Success Story

Vitrana’ s TransformPVTM, the preferred solution for meeting R3 requirements recently went live at biggest Pharma organization in the world. Despite the significant complexities the implementation went very smoothly and implementation was achieved within a timeframe of 10 months.

Implementation success story

Safety Data Migration

Data Migration is one of the most critical and challenging part of any drug safety system implementation or an upgrade program. Industry experience indicates more than 60% data migrations run overtime or over budget. This white paper shall try to uncover the reasons behind these overages and explore methods to reduce Cost of Quality (CoQ).


Safety Data Custom Aggregate Reports

For pharmaceutical organizations to be able to make informed business decisions, they need to analyze the available patient safety, clinical data and key performance indicators to support regulatory compliance needs. Additionally, organizations have quality, audit, analytics and management reporting requirements. There are no out of the box solutions available to holistically support these requirements. This white paper talks about the Vitrana solution which provides pre-defined set of reports and assists organizations in meeting analytics requirements and outlines benefits of the Vitrana approach for these organizations.


PLS Configuration Strategy

Product, License, Study (PLS) configuration form the backbone of any Argus implementation project. A comprehensive PLS configuration strategy is required for documenting the decisions to ensure all critical elements are incorporated in the final PLS structure. This whitepaper talks about the typical challenges faced by organizations while implementing Argus Safety and the guiding principles to overcome these challenges.


Healthcare Interoperability

Healthcare organizations need to exchange data, both internally and with external systems. The semantic and syntactic meaning of data should remain the same when it moves from one system to another. This whitepaper describes the process of enabling interoperability of data between disconnected systems using Service Oriented Architecture (SOA).